Vaginal penetration (fucking pussy)

If you have unprotected sex with a HIV positive woman or a transsexual woman who´s had a sex change, you run a very high risk of HIV transmission. Likewise, if you´re HIV positive, you can pass it on to them..

Anal penetration (fucking up the ass or taking it up the ass)

There is an extremely high risk of HIV transmission if you don´t use a condom during anal sex. Even if the person doesn´t ejaculate, or cum, inside you it´s dangerous because it´s very rough and can produce small cuts in the anus. The penis quickly absorbs the blood from these cuts. There is equal risk for the person who is penetrating, as for the person being penetrated.


Blow Jobs (sucking cock)

Oral sex is considered a low risk activity. The person receiving isn´t at risk as they only come into contact with the giver´s saliva. But if you are giving a blow job, your chances of getting some sort of infection increase if you have sores or cuts in your gums, or if you already have an untreated STD. If someone cums (ejaculates) in your mouth, spit it out quickly and wash your mouth out with water. Don´t brush your teeth though, because it could make your gums bleed.


Cunnilingus (eating pussy, eating someone out)

There is a risk of HIV infection if vaginal fluids are ingested. If this happens, spit it out quickly and wash out your mouth. Remember not to brush your teeth, so as not to draw blood—neither right before or right after eating someone out. You can cut up a condom to use to eat someone out, or a latex barrier (a female condom). This creates a latex wall that allows you to use your tongue without direct contact with the vulva.

Rim Job (ass licking)

Rim jobs are low HIV risk, but you´re at high risk of passing other STDs like Hepatitis A, and some yeast infections and herpes.

Vibrators and sex toys (plastic cocks and dildos)

If shared, there is risk of HIV transmission. You can avoid this risk by using a condom each time you use your sex toys.

Fist Fucking (fisting)

Both people are at risk if the person fisting has cuts on the skin. Minimize risk by using a latex glove and large quantities of lubricant for easier entry. Fucking without a condom after someone fist fucks you is an extremely high risk practice.


Masturbation (jerking off), caressing, kissing, hugging… None of these carry risk of HIV infection.

Golden shower (peeing on someone)

Peeing on someone, or someone peeing on you doesn´t carry risk of HIV infection or re-infection. Urine doesn´t carry HIV but it does carry other types of STDs like Hepatitis A and/or B (there is a vaccine for both and if you aren´t vaccinated call us and we´ll tell you how to go about it). It´s better to avoid someone peeing in your anus or mouth.

Cumswap (Kissing someone with semen/cum in your mouth)

Cumswapping is kissing someone with semen/cum (theirs, yours or a third parties´) in your mouth. This can lead to HIV infection as semen/cum is contact with your mouth. It´s even riskier if the person receiving the semen/cum in their mouth has lesions (bloody gums), an untreated STD and/or if they swallow the semen/cum.

Bondage or Sadomasochism (BDSM, S&M)

Bondage, or tying someone up, and S&M practices like Domination/submission and spanking, have no risk of HIV infection. You´ll need to establish clear limits with your sexual partner before taking part in BDSM games. Sometimes S&M games can cause wounds. Shaving, playing with fire, and small injuries caused by sharp objects or needles in the chest and/or back are all dangerous. You must never share these items, and always use gloves while using them.

Scat sex (games with feces, or shit)

All games involving feces or shit, carry the risk of Hepatitis A and B infections (along with other types of infections), especially if someone else´s feces comes into contact with your mouth and you swallow it.